Balázs Dénes

Balázs Dénes is a lawyer and a human rights activist. He is the Executive Director of the Civil Liberties Union for Europe, a Berlin-based, EU-focused human rights watchdog organization.

In 1997 he joined the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU), the country’s leading civil liberties watchdog organization, and after holding various positions he served as its Executive Director from 2004 to 2012. Since early 2013, he has been the Director of the European Civil Liberties Project at the Open Society Foundations.

He is a founding member of many Hungarian NGOs, and serves on the board of the Common Sense for Drug Policy Foundation. He focuses on civil liberties, human rights, communication and NGO management issues.

Balázs received his law degree in 1998 from ELTE University Budapest and is a 2003-2004 Columbia University/PILnet Fellow.


Balázs Dénes: ‘We Would Like to See That the EU Wakes Up, Democracy Will Not Protect Itself’


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